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A small group is a private Facebook group designed to provide you with a safe place to share stories and challenges, receive encouragement, exchange recipes, make friends, and venture down the path of wellness together to help reach your nutrition and/or fitness goals. There will be prizes, plenty of laughter, and lots of virtual high fives and hugs!  You still complete your fitness programs in the privacy of your home but have the accountability and encouragement of the small group to cheer you on!

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Why Team Peacock? Our Journey From Sickness to Health & Happiness.

It was 3:30 am, they were wheeling me down a spotless cold white hallway, I could hear the surgeon on the phone with Adam… “Mr. Peacock, we need permission to take your wife into emergency surgery to save her life.” Save my life? Those words will never leave me and are exactly what motivate me every single day.
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Green Beans with Lemon And Thyme

When I think of Thanksgiving, I immediately think of the oh so delicious green bean casserole. The Thanksgiving dish is probably a staple menu item in most households. However, the word "casserole" should be an immediate give-away that this yummy dish is not necessarily a bowl of just veggies! For a healthy alternative, ditch the cream of mushroom and fried onion ring topping and try out this yummy version. While I admit, it may not be *as good* in taste, it does come without the guilt and the post Thanksgiving food coma.
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Planking – Why Is It So Good For you?

The actual exercise of planking if done correctly can be very beneficial. Doing a plank correctly and often can tone your belly, reduce back pain, improve flexibility and improve balance and posture. Planking can build your inner core as well as strengthen back and chest muscles. Having a stronger back can reduce back pain and improve your posture. A correct plank engages your abs and forces them to stay upright. It works all the muscles that are necessary for proper posture. By doing planks correctly and often you will notice you are able to sit or stand up straighter with ease
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